Once known to be illegal, bacanora is a sensational spirit with a story rooted deep in Mexican history. Although able to be enjoyed throughout the country today, due to religion and politics from 1915 to 1992 bacanora was under federal prohibition. Anyone caught drinking or selling this spirit risked imprisonment, or even possibly death. However despite the profound risk, prohibition did not stop bacanora’s production! Rather than give up family traditions and livelihood, producers developed disguised methods in order to bootleg their bacanora - and so they called themselves “vinateros”.

Our product Vinateros Bacanora was named in respect to both the spirit’s history, and the people who have been distilling it for more than 300 years. Made in the traditional manner, Vinateros Bacanora is twice distilled, naturally fermented, and made solely from water and agave silvestre. Because we value ethical production, you can find our product still being hand-bottled today and estate crafted on a small ranch outside of the town Aconchi, Sonora, Mexico